30% less power with 100G Green Transceivers


The ProLabs line of Green Transceivers utilises new technologies which result in 30% less power consumed than a typical transceiver. All the while offering the same performance. The technology used is Silicon Optical Bench, SiOB, which relies on free-space optical interconnect technology eliminating the need for the optical lens. This results in maximum power consumption […]

The Truth behind Vendor Warranties

Wayne Nel

How often have you been pressurised by a Vendor into buying their branded optics? As a distributor of compatible SFPs/transceivers, we very often hear that a network equipment vendor’s sales rep has threatened a customer (which could be an end user, reseller or system integrator, etc.) that if they install third-party transceivers in their networking […]

Using multiplexing to solve business challenges


We live in an information age and need constant access to our data, be it via the internet or across our corporate campus. We are currently being asked for faster and more reliable connectivity between the users and the residence of the data which can often prove problematic. To increase capacity we could purchase more […]