Simplify Stock Requirements with 1G SFP DWDM

In-field tunable 1G SFP DWDM transceivers cover a range of 8 channel wavelength requirements



DWDM technologies have helped revolutionize how network operators leverage existing fiber infrastructure to deploy commercial business and other access network services. As DWDM supports up to 40 100GHz C-band channels, network operators had to manage complicated inventory holding needs to support both service and sparing requirements.

ProLabs solves the inventory holding challenge with our 1G SFP DWDM tunable transceivers. Capable of being tuned in-field by our ProTune™ platform to a range of 8 channel wavelengths, you’re now able to cover the same range of 40 distinct part numbers with only 5, each tunable across 8 channels.

Simplify and minimize stock requirements with our new 1G DWDM tunables

  • Tunable to 8 discrete wavelengths with ProLabs’ ProTune™ (offline or online application).
  • Save and minimize stock requirements from 40 different transceivers down to 5 part numbers
  • Cover Ch20 – Ch27, Ch28 – Ch35, Ch36 – Ch43, Ch44 – Ch51, Ch52 – Ch59
  • Full interoperability within OEM hardware equipped network environments.
  • High-speed, high-density signals with reach of up to 120km.
  • Full interoperability within OEM hardware equipped network environments.
  • Further savings through lower power consumption (< 1.8W).
  • Commercial temperature application rated (0C ~ +70C).

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