SOTI Mobile Management Software

SOTI Mobile Device Management

  • SOTI-MC-iOS/AR-CLD – Soti MobiControl – Device Management Software
  • SOTI-MC-MAINT3YR – Soti MobiControl – 3 Year Maintenance
  • SOTI-DS – SOTI Mobicontrol Deployment Server
  • SOTI-DL – SOTI Mobicontrol Mobile Device Licenses
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SOTI Mobile Management Software. Enterprise Mobile Device Management Software for Smartphones, Tablets and Rugged Devices.

With over 10,000 enterprise deployments and millions of devices managed globally, SOTI MobiControl is the worlds most trusted SOTI Mobile Management Software solution for enhancing enterprise mobility and enabling BYOD initiatives.

Your mobile devices and apps are critical to the success of your business. You need full lifecycle security and management to optimize their performance while keeping them safe and secure. SOTI MobiControl does it all — any device, any form-factor, any operating system. It simplifies the security and management of mobile devices and IoT endpoints for your business-critical mobility.


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Remote Control & Help Desk – Lower support costs and increase device availability by remotely diagnosing and troubleshooting device issues anytime, anywhere. Our exclusive BlitFire 10X technology offers the worlds fastest remote control for todays HD device.

Location Services / Geofencing – Lost or stolen device? MobiControl can locate, track and gather information on the movement of your mobile devices wherever they may be. Establish a virtual fence to keep devices in a specific area or to trigger a warning or action if they enter or exit the fence.

Web Filter Policy – Advanced web-filtering technology allows you to enforce the responsible use of mobile devices whether its in the classroom, the boardroom, or anywhere in between.

AntiVirus / Malware Protection – Quarantine threats in real-time across the device file system and installed applications. Extend desktop grade antivirus and malware protection to your managed devices. MobiControl allows you to remain vigilant against evolving mobile threats.

Advanced Security – Gain extensive control over hardware and software features across managed devices. Place restrictions on how data is accessed on the device. Grant and block access to corporate resources. Lock down and wipe lost or stolen devices. With MobiControl, you can rest assured that your data remains in the right hands.

Multi-Platform Web Console – Manage corporate-liable and BYOD devices in the intuitive, easy to use multiplatform web console. Streamline the management of Windows, iOS and Android devices, regardless of the size of your IT organization.

Device Provisioning – Use group policies to automatically deploy software and data to managed devices over any network. Get new deployments up and running with ease. Apply enterprise wide policies or tailor policies to specific organisations.

Certificate Management – Using over the air deployment policies, you can bulk provision certificates to individual devices or groups with ease, helping you to consistently enforce security policies across your managed devices.

Asset Management – Track your hardware and software assets and align management with your organizational structure or location. Ensure no device is left behind by alerting and taking action on out of contact devices.

Alerts – Are critical devices running low on battery? Have devices roamed outside of a specific area? Keep on top of managed device activity and act on individual devices or groups. Monitor the device events that are important to you by defining alert triggers and actions.

Reporting – MobiControls rich reporting capabilities allow you to report on a wealth of live device data and generate meaningful insight into your mobility investments.

Phone Call Policy – Ensure responsible use of corporate voice minutes by whitelisting or blacklisting specific phone numbers for individual users or groups. Block toll numbers, international exchanges, adult lines, and other non-essential calling from managed devices.