S-Optics : OM5 Fiber Patch Cables

OM5 is especially optimized to support bidirectional (40G-SR-BD and 400G-SR4.2) and wavelength division multiplexing (SWDM) technologies over multimode fiber by opening a wider spectral range to 840nm to 953nm. OM5 cable links offer longer supported distances for these technologies and OM5 patch cables are backwards compatible with older OM4/OM3/etc. standards.

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Multimode Fiber Type Data Rate / Maximum Fiber Link Distances
1Gbps 10Gbps 40/100Gbps 400Gbps
OM1 300m 30m n/a n/a
OM2 600m 150m n/a n/a
OM3 1000m 300m 100m 100m
OM4 1100m 550m 150m 150m
OM5 1100m 550m 150m 150m


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