Driving the 5G Network Evolution


From Backhaul to Fronthaul

From the core all the way to the end user, AddOn fiber optics always drive your business forward.

Deliver Seamless Streaming

With our cutting-edge 400G optics, your business can guarantee uninterrupted 5G streaming for your customers.

100G Signals Up to 80km

Enable 100G data rates for extreme long reach fiber connections, up to 80km.

Product Solutions

400G Transceivers

Explore an in-depth inventory of cutting-edge transceivers.

1G DWDM Tunable Transceivers

Reduce complexity and drive performance in MTTR with AddOn’s DWDM tunable transceivers.

25G ITEMP Transceivers

Ensure your network’s durability with our high-speed ITEMP transceivers.

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